Cambridge Arcade - Stage 2

So the brief was to re-imagine and make the space feel safe and inviting. After spending quite a bit of time down there, I could feel how unwelcoming it must be to some. At the time it was quite dark, and there was a heavy mural which was painted about 20 years ago. Considering the diverse community and urban edge I wanted to create something that was light and uplifting. With permission from council, the mural was given a fresh coat of white paint and set of to work.  See images below for before and after.

It could be the North or South facing entrance, but I'm not sure. I'm not one to check my compass (even though I keep it handy in my back pocket ;) 

The wall opposite the mural. There's some paste ups on there, a bit of scribble and two red doors. There still there by the way, just in case you're thinking of visiting.

A bit of Ned Kelly and some seagulls. I'd always found this mural heavy and made the arcade feel dark. It probably looks okay here as there's some good light, but wait till you see the next picture!


Look at this, a fresh new coat of white paint with some black & white paste ups. Feeling like it's whole new space. Would you say a bit more lightish then above pic?

Who would of thought a couple of deck chairs, pot plants and milk crates (that magically comes with fake lawn) and you've got a safe and welcoming space.

This little shizzcabam of a freshen up your arcade project has been generously supported by the following 'Banyule Council', 'The Department of Justice', 'Bell St Mall Traders', and Rob Ball, I mean 'Shop 48', but Rob Ball definitely deserves a special mention. Thank Rob :) 

Before and After. What I loved most about this project, was showing the possibilities. Prior to the paste ups and deck chairs, the arcade had just been a walkway which makes sense considering it is a walkway. However we wanted to bring life to it and show the community even the darkest of places can become something more.  Here its become a space for exhibiting art, hanging out with your mates and having a coffee while your kids jump in front of the movie you're watching.  Sound familiar?!


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